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Individualized Solutions for A Balanced Future

Serene Mind provides individual mental health outpatient therapy for teens and adults who want to bring balance to their lives.  Our clients may have an array of circumstances, conditions, and needs.  Some would like to improve their lives by working through and managing everyday life stressors, others are struggling through a difficult period of their life, and some have complex histories that they hope to overcome. When you reach out to Serene Mind, you are matched with a therapist whose skill set best matches your needs to ensure a successful experience.

Anger Management

Feeling angry every once in a while is normal but if you have trouble controlling your rage and often find yourself furious about small problems, it could indicate that you have anger issues.  Some factors that people with anger may also exhibit are addiction or substance use, difficulty in expressing calm and healthy emotions, an inability to compromise without getting angry, outward aggression, or refusing to talk to people and ignoring them.  Serene Mind will listen and help you navigate through your anger issues to manage and control them effectively.


If you are experiencing ongoing feelings of worry, negative thoughts, and/or panic, you may have anxiety.  Those with anxiety may have difficulty focusing or sleeping, and the concerning thoughts may be intruding on your daily life and relationships.  Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States, experienced by 18% of the population every year.  Anxiety is highly treatable, and our Serene Mind clinicians are skilled in that treatment and will listen and help you get back to enjoying life again.


If you are feeling down more days than not, are unable to engage in activities that you usually enjoy, and are unable to focus on tasks, you may be experiencing some level of depression.  Depressive symptoms can vary in severity and it may feel difficult to overcome.  Around 1 in 10 people experience depression in their lifetime.  If you think you may be experiencing depression, Serene Mind is here to listen and provide support while teaching you skills to help you cope and bounce back.

Our mental health providers are here to offer treatments that support you in finding meaning and enjoyment in your life again.

Family Conflict

The most common family conflicts are between husband and wife, sibling rivalry, parent-child conflicts, or adult siblings caring for an elderly parent.  Additional conflicts that may cause stress can be over money, a family event, a family business, or conflicts with in-laws or stepparents.  If a family conflict is causing stress or concern, therapy may be a way to vent your emotions and seek guidance on how best to handle the situation.  Serene Mind will listen and be that source of support for you.

General Mood Disturbance

It’s normal to experience mood swings now and then. However, when you feel that there are constant shifts in your mood, it could be the result of an underlying mood disorder such as Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, or Substance-Induced Mood Disorders.  You may need to seek help if your emotions interfere with different aspects of their life such as relationships, work, or social activities. There are also cases when patients use substances to help control their moods. The experienced clinicians at Serene Mind will listen, diagnose, and create a treatment plan for so that you can learn to manage your symptoms, often with a combination of therapy and medication.

Grief & Loss

Grief is a normal response to the loss of a loved one.  Grief can also be experienced after a disaster or a traumatic event or the loss of something important to us such as a job or a home.  Feelings of grief and loss often ease over time but can also come in waves that can overwhelm.  If you are grappling with a loss talking to a Serene Mind therapist who will listen with empathy and understanding can help to acknowledge the loss and feelings of grief and create an actionable plan for moving forward.

Life Transitions

Life transitions such as beginning a new school or job, graduating college, getting married, or starting a family can be challenging.  These transitions can trigger feelings of sadness, stress, or anxiety that can negatively impact daily life.  These feelings may be difficult to express when people around you are expecting you to be excited about beginning a new chapter in your life.  These feelings are normal and talking through your concerns and fears with someone who will listen and advise, can help improve how you feel and change your perspective so that you can begin finding the joy in your journey.

Relationship Stressors

All relationships experience stress.  Relationships between couples can be affected by outside factors such as problems at work or problems with family or friends.  They can also be affected by internal factors within the relationship such as arguments, infidelity, or feelings of neglect.  These factors may have a negative impact on communication or may leave one or both parties feeling unsatisfied within the relationship.  Talking through these feelings and concerns with a therapist who will listen can improve communication and help you make decisions in your relationships.

School or Work Related Stressors

Stressors related to our school and work responsibilities can be overwhelming.  The stress may be related to fears of failing a class or losing a job, feelings of inadequacy in performance, or conflicts with a teacher or boss.  For some, this stress can impose on our lives outside of school or work, affecting relationships, sleep, and our overall happiness and wellbeing.  Therapy provides someone who will listen and advise you, providing clarity and aiding you in finding solutions to alleviate this stress.

Self Esteem

Many people struggle with self-esteem issues.  Low self-esteem can affect your confidence, your identity, or your feeling of belonging.  Some signs of low self-esteem are depression or sadness, low mood, avoidance of social situation, the inability to accept compliments, or neglecting one’s own needs.  Self-esteem impacts our decision making and motivation.  Your Serene Mind clinician will listen and help you learn to identify and challenge your negative thoughts and feelings. 

Social Anxiety

One may have social anxiety if social interactions cause intense or irrational anxiety.  Feelings of embarrassment, fear, or paranoia may be felt.  Symptoms of social anxiety can be blushing, increased heart rate, sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath, or upset stomach.  Your therapist will listen and teach you the coping skills and exercises that will help you get through future social situations and ease the experience of social anxiety. 


If you are experiencing strain in your life and are struggling with managing it, you may want to seek therapy to talk through your concerns.  Stress can affect sleep, concentration, relationships, and your physical health.  Some common sources of stress are financial and job concerns, divorce, parenting challenges, illness, moving, or the death of a loved one.  Serene Mind will listen and help you find a path forward.

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